Not your average blonde.

dont fake it to make it.

Today was my day off and decided to rest on the couch with an iced coffee to relax after all my errands. Half way through an episode of law and order SVU, a commercial came on that I took particular notice in. A tall blonde model wearing red lingerie, flirting with the camera by coyly biting her lip. At first it seemed like an advertisement for some sort of online clothing store, seemed innocent enough. Until I realized what the voice in the ad was telling me, that this particular site was the best place online to find all the latest styles in plus sizes. PLUS SIZES!! This woman was no larger than a size 6, if that. Since when was that considered plus sized? I am a size 6 and there is no way that I am plus sized! I am disgusted at this lame attempt to access the plus sized community, there are more than plenty of beautiful sized 12 woman who would better portray the websites mission. I for one am offended that someone could be so f*^%#!! Stupid!

Le Creuset:) can’t wait to break this baby in!

Le Creuset:) can’t wait to break this baby in!


So, today I’m going to talk about something pretty personal. I am comfortable enough with this idea only because I know that not that many people read my blog (only two followers, but they are really all I need). Now before you let that scare you away let me help you understand why I want to write this entry.

Even as a young child I remember critisizing myself for not having the same slender body type that all my friends had. At this age, I knew nothing of diets and the battles woman fight with their own bodies. All I knew was that I was not skinny like the other girls. I was by no means overweight but still, I was envious of those who happened to have fast metabolisms. I can recall certain situations even in elementary school, a 4Th grade pool party persists in my mind, where I was reluctant to wear a bathing suit in fear that I would not be accepted. Looking back now I am deeply disturbed by these memories. My thoughts violated by “grown-up” ideas of beauty and social status, enough to perforate my judgement even now. I have no concrete evidence to support a claim against any one thing/person in particular, but I can and will point fingers at a combination of factors. Television, restaurants, clothing stores, and magazines. I’m only going to be talking about one of these factors today. Victoria’s Secret.

Now before anyone bites my head off, I can explain my rebellion against a brand that I openly admit to buying. Visit the website and you will see that their words conflict with their images of beauty. A new campaign of theirs titles “I <3 My Body: A Body For Every Body” reffering of course to the addition of a new bra to the Body By Victoria Collection. While this appears to be a great message for woman to be confident in their “Body”, I cannot help but notice the 5’11”, 105lb woman proudly sporting the various styles this particular bra comes in. Last I checked, I didnt actually know anyone who looks like that who wasnt either a model herself or suffers from an eating disorder (typically both). What Victoria’s Secret should have done was present REAL woman in their bras telling other REAL woman that its okay to be the size you were born to have. The key here is the part where I said “the size you were born to have,” you know, the middle ground that can be achieved where your body is both healthy and thriving, yet deprivation is happily replaced with moderation.

Speaking of size, I will now venture into a topic that I am personally effected by every time I visit my local Victoria’s Secret store in Walnut Creek, CA. I cant deny that these stores paint a pretty picture, making women feel as if they’ve just entered their very own clubhouse, complete with its own internal language and imaginary “Girls Only: Boys Keep Out” sign out front. The problem begins when I find a bra that I want and slide the drawer open to retrive my size. As is turns out, the entire store only gets about 1 or 2 bras in my size every season. They dont even have Sample Bras that I could try on to see if i’d like to order it online. This is made worse by the fact that Victoria’s Secret doesnt even MAKE lingerie in sizes larger than a C cup, so there goes that. Its utterly hopeless. Way to make a girl feel comfortable in her own “Body” VS! Im not even a part of this exclusive club anymore, Im kicked out! Even girls like me want to feel sexy and I feel like I should have a right to do so. The part that I find the most disheartening is that despite their movements to make women look sexy they have not allowed girls like me this “priviledge.” This does not lend to the idea that they provide “a Body For Every Body.” To put it plainly, I am sick and tired of these social expectations for what I am “supposed” to look like as a woman, and I do not appreciate Victoria’s Secret for strengthening these frustrations. It is pathetic that our society has put these pressures on young girls in the first place and we wonder why most of them develope unhealthy habits to stay thin. We are in dire need of a Body Revolution!

the game of life.

People these days have a tendency to get in their own way of success. Negativity will only get you nowhere. Even when faced with the most difficult of situations, optimism will always produce better results. If ive learned anything in my 20 years of life, it is that nothing works out the way you want it to but the best way to come out on top is an open mind. Attempting to control everything will be your downfall. let go, let god.



Ive never been more proud to be both American and Tyler’s Cousin.

The Infamous Bucket-list. Done and Done.

An extensive list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket.

  1. Learn to speak French and Italian
  2. Climb mount Kilimanjaro
  3. Plant my very own garden
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Go to LA and visit Shareen Vintage
  6. Design my own batwing top
  7. Learn to snowboard
  8. Take trip to Napa for wine tasting
  9. Learn to Ballroom Dance
  10. Create my own Ice Cream Flavor
  11. Get a sixpack
  12. Learn to use a sewing machine
  13. Learn to play guitar
  14. Adopt an animal from a shelter
  15. Be a vegan for a week
  16. Buy my very own pair of christian louboutins
  17. learn to cook things besides breakfast and salads
  18. start my own business
  19. Read the newpaper daily
  20. go skydiving
  21. have my very own clawfoot bathtub
  22. voluteer at the animal shelter

nananananananana BAT-WING!

I watched the new show Dresscue Me on Plant Green yesterday and was blown away with the creativity using reclaimed dresses and skirts, particularly these Bat-Wing tops created using Indian print cotton skirts. Shareen, the heart and soul of the business, runs the store out of an understated warehouse with a fairytail- bestfriend’s-closet feel to it. Shareen’s near desperation in finding the perfect dress for any client is limitless, no alteration is too difficult or time consuming. I am currently adding 2 things to my bucket list: a trip to LA to visit Shareen Vintage, and figuring out how to make my own bat-wing top! 

18,000 feet.

good morning y’all! Happy doomsday!

According to Evangelical Christians, today May 21, 2011 is the day of judgement. At 6:00pm tonight there will be a massive earthquake that will consume the world. Much like the movie 2012, minus the Ark in which to save humanity plus a pair of giraffes. Tonight will be when Jesus Christ arrives for his second coming and the “rapture” of his believers.

While I cannot say I believe a word of this hoo haa, it had me thinking about the message behind the whole campaign. We should live our lives as if the world will end tomorrow. Cause lets face it, I would not be satisfied with with my life as it is. The only one stopping me from living my dream is myself. My cousins Emily Morris and Sarah Small decided last night that they were going to go skydiving today. As much as I had denied interest in a 60 second freefall, I couldnt stop myself from feeling envious of their bravery upon speaking with them afterwards.

While I am fully confident the world will still be intact tomorrow, I am not without a feeling of urgency. When I leave this earth, I want to feel that no matter my age, I have conquered my fears and savoured the experiences that made my life better.